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星期二, 4月 25, 2006


A Story Book in Mind
When I was very young, I read a really stimulating book. The title of the book is called “The Trumpet of the Swan”. Although it has been a long time since I first read it, I decided to take it off of the bookshelf, blow off the dust from its cover, and read it again. This book states how difficult it is for a cygnet named “Louis” to live without a voice. However, he never gave up. Instead, he faced his problems bravely. I think the theme and idea of the book is relevant to our daily lives. Therefore, we should follow in Louis' steps and overcome our obstacles.

stimulate:v. 激勵
trumpet:n. 喇叭
swan:n. 天鵝
blow off:v. 吹掉
cygnet:n. 小天鵝
theme:n. 主題
deal with:v. 處理
obstacle:n. 障礙