Mindy's English Diary 英文日記

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星期一, 6月 19, 2006


Bad Luck
Yesterday, when my brother went to the school assembly, a branch of a coconut tree fell from the height of four stories onto his head. He said that it landed on him the moment he stepped out onto the field. There was no warning sign at all, so he had no time to avoid it. Immediately, he was sent to the health center. Luckily, there is only a big bump on his head and no serious damage was done. This kind of accident may happen anytime on campus. I just hope that everyone can be careful and no lives will be hurt.
assembly:v. 集合
branch:n. 樹枝
coconut:n. 椰子
land on:落在…之上
field:n. 操場
sign:n. 徵兆
avoid:v. 避免
health center:健康中心
bump:n. 腫塊
damage:n. 損傷
accident:n. 意外
campus:n. 校園
hurt:n. 傷害