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星期四, 5月 18, 2006

My Opinion on Movies

My Opinion on Movies
I love movies. Some people like to see thrillers, science fiction, or action movies, but I prefer romance, fantasy, and comedy films. A number of people think going to a movie theater is a waste of time and money. However, I strongly disagree. I think going to a movie theater is a pleasure because the quality and sound effects are better than watching a movie at home. It is also great to laugh or scream with the crowd in the theater. For me, seeing a movie is a great way to spend time with my friends or family.

thriller:n. 恐怖
science fiction:科幻
action movie:動作電影
prefer:v. 偏好
romance:n. 浪漫
fantasy:n. 幻想
comedy film:喜劇片
strongly disagree:非常不同意
quality:n. 品質
scream:.v. 尖叫
crowd:n. 人群
theater:n. 電影院