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星期五, 5月 26, 2006


Grammar Idiot
Thank you dear teacher, for helping me correct my English diaries every day. What I look forward to most is getting my assignment notebook back, so I can see the mistakes you’ve corrected. Even though I know how to use English in my daily life, I don’t know a lot about grammar. Whenever I write, I always use my intuition. Therefore, there are always many errors in my journal entries. I am grateful for your help and I will keep going.

grammar:n. 文法
idiot:n. 白痴
dear:a. 親愛的
correct:v. 改正
diary:n. 日記
look forward to:期待
assignment:n. 功課
mistake:n. 錯誤
daily life:日常生活
intuition:n. 直覺
error:n. 錯誤
grateful:a. 感謝的